Do you Believe in Love?

Love is an interesting phenomenon. There is no quantifiable way to measure it, no can we say for sure what it is. But for those who have felt it, there is no denying its existence. This is why so many are quick to describe love in magical terms. “She cast a spell on you.” is one of these common phrases. But what if it were true? The spell part. It may surprise you to learn that there are those out there who still believe that love spells work. In fact, they offer to sell you some of these spells to this day.

There are those out there who say they use powers derived from ancient mystic texts and other archaic sources. From Ancient Egypt to the Far East, the powers they claim to draw from are many and varied. These modern day magicians use this knowledge to fasten together power symbols and incantations to bend the will of the universe and the forces that control our desires. This all sounds pretty dramatic, but what proof do they have? Well, dozens of people have come forward to say that they have used these or similar spells to great effect, while detractors say many of these cases may simply be self-fulfilling prophecies or a type of placebo effect. Whatever the reason, there may be some actual validity to the claim that love spells work, as crazy as it may sound.

love spells work

It may be a case of wishing so hard and single-minded focus that causes these spells to come true eventually, or it may be that there is something behind the scenes controlling our lives. Whichever one it is, like love, you may not have to see it -or even believe it -to feel its effects.