Quick Advice on Belly Fat

One of the most annoying regions for fat accumulation has to be the belly. Not only is it one of the more noticeable- but it can also be the most difficult to get rid of. This is why many are desperate to know what causes, and how to get rid of, belly fat. Fat tends to accumulate in the belly due to most people’s genetics as well as being the symptom of increased levels of cortisol. Cortisol is increased when you go long periods of time without eating or are dealing with large amounts of stress. Since we all go through these periods from time to time, belly fat tends to be one of those things that will continue to appear unless you are vigilant about how you eat and exercise.

There is no way to pick and choose which areas you want to reduce fat in. Your genetics determine how much fat an area will contain, and what area’s fat will be spent first on energy. All you can do is keep on a healthy diet and keep your activity level high, so you are expelling more calories than you are taking in. Eventually, you will convince your body it’s time to start trimming down in the belly.

how to get rid of, belly fat

Cycling or jogging will burn the most calories over an hour period. Interval running involving sprints and slow jogging will also burn much more. Weight training will burn fewer calories for a set period, but the increase of muscle will cause your body to generally burn more calories as well as tightening up areas of your body. Swimming, dancing, and going for long walks/hikes can also be extremely useful if you make time for them every few days. The trick is to be smart about your calorie intake and maintain an active lifestyle – then if you’re lucky – that will be all it takes to start seeing an improvement in both your body and your overall health. Hopefully you now have a better understanding on how to get rid of belly fat.